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Reading your Ocean for Maximum Fun

Learning how to read different reports of ocean swell, wind, multiple surf forecasts, and a little bit of local knowledge will help you make the most of your plans to Play in the ocean. You can find great information from, Magic, marine weather forecasts, and obviously going to the beach. Once you have a feel of what's happening in your area and you understand that wind over 10 miles an hour or strong currents can be a real burden , You get a idea of what the conditions will be like at your favorite spot.

Beyond trying to figure out if it's a good day to go kayak fishing or surfing, it's really cool to understand the incredibly powerful natural forces at work. When we saw Hurricane Irma headed our way we battened down the hatches like everyone else, and helped our neighbors do the same. Once we had everything secured and supplies in order there's nothing to do but wait. So why not check the surf forecast. We don't get much surf over waist height in South Florida unless there is a tropical depression or hurricane off of our coast. Irma was strong and gave us an opportunity crank up Jimmy Buffet's "Surfing in a hurricane".

Anyhow, I digress. Time to load up and get to the Beach! We hope to see you out there!

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