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"Adventure is out there!"

Definitely borrowing that line from Pixar's Up.

Warning, this is a silly encouraging rant to get out and make memories.

Life get's pretty hectic now and then, and before you know it you can't recall when you last had one of those great adventures that you tell stories about for years.

Sometimes these are just moments that happened because you were out there and bore witness to something novel. We had a debate about whether there was a snake, an alligator, or Godzilla headed our way one quick outing on the Loxahatchee River here in town. To our surprise the Godzilla vote won! There was a red, blood red, Iguana looking reptile swimming at a healthy clip right past us.

Other times you create the epic adventure! Create a plan, and go for it.

We have been known to get a little "enthusiastic" and embrace the mentality that "the more it sucks, the better the story". For example:

"it's too hot!"

Good. I'll get stronger because I have to bring all of this water and electrolyte drink.

"it's raining"

Good. There's no lightning so we can still go.


I share this with you to help illustrate the difference between risk and inconvenience. Be smart, but don't let excuses keep you inside. They say half the battle is showing up. Really it's more like 90%....what are you going to do after you get your happy backside out on a trail? Turn around and go home?


I guess this little story I've started here is bit of motivational call to action with some ideas of local adventures we've enjoyed. I'll keep the ideas short here and elaborate further in more detailed future posts.


Usually around March-June we see young sea turtles around the Jupiter Sand bar-they are easiest to spot in the shallow coves. If you are competent in open water you can swim/paddle with adult turtles off of Coral Cove beach. Leatherback Turtles will make you feel very small in a hurry if you happen to be in the water with them (think small VW Bug swimming past you) I exaggerate a bit for effect of course, but they can easily be over 6ft long.

It's not just turtles in the ocean of course. We have a plethora of fish species here! Gorgeous tropical fish, tasty sport fish, and the larger toothier variety too.... We do have Bottlenose Dolphin pods that call our waters home too.

Keep in mind that water does always have the ability to drown you and yours, please exercise proper caution on and near the water.


Back on land

(this week land likely means under several inches of water with all the rain for the last 10 days)

We have trails in all of our local parks where we can get away for a moment of solace. We can go walk, jog, hike, bike, sit away from the concrete and automobiles. Make some time to separate you thoughts from your day to day grid.

Clearly at this point we have repeatedly expressed our love of Jonathan Dickinson State Park, and Riverbend Park. If you want to see Natural Florida here in town, these are phenomenal resources by foot, bike, or paddle. Quick escapes, or all day adventures can be had right here.

Pull out google maps on your phone and look for the green spaces near your position. We have parks all over our towns here, you do not have to go far at all!


How have alligators not come in to the story yet?;

They are here, and, they are there. Well, yes, they are everywhere. Seeing these prehistoric remnants can be awe inspiring. Seeing them up close on a small river can get your pulse elevated in a hurry if you didn't notice the gator sunning it's self on the river bank next to you. In our experience fresh/brackish water usually has gators in it. Golf course ponds, canals, and of course rivers can be home to one of our dominant predators. We teased each other while paddling from Riverbend to Trapper Nelson's--this is better than going to the animal kingdom! I pointed out to my fellow kayaker there was a 6 foot gator on the bank behind him--and another on larger gator on the riverbank in front of him. From this point we got a little silly with Jurassic Park references as it seemed we were going to cross paths with these cold-blooded critters every other bend in the river. Clearly we have a terrible sense of humor and thank you for actually reading this.

Near and on the water, keep an eye on your dogs and little ones. Really they are going to avoid people, you are more trouble than you are worth them.


Thank you for your time, and if you made it this far.

Thank you, and GET AFTER IT!

See you out there

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